Sounds: Rosehip Teahouse // Same Sky

Cardiff-based Rosehip Teahouse is a name that is as satisfying to pronounce as their music sounds. Their dreamy bedroom pop music feels like an aching glimmering twinkle that you can faintly see in a spring twilight.

Founded in 2015 by vocalist Faye Rogers as a solo project, her music has since grown into a well-defined band with a sound hinging on the dreamy tropospheric melancholy.

Their latest single, “Same Sky,” begins with an homage to the image of two people staring at the same celestial body. It has a blissfully melancholy sounding chorus with Faye Roger’s vocals singing in a soft head spinning falsetto. The track captures the head-in-pillow feeling of fading love, effecting a sad dichotomy of sleep and sky.

“I hope I find the answers I’ve been looking for.
I’ve read so many books but nothing ever tells me where to go or what to say.
I’m so tired of this.
I’m so tired.”

Check it out down below:

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