A few weeks ago, we got to share MARBLE ARCH’s “GOLD” on the site. Now, the group is back with more of the dreamy shoegaze we’re all craving, thanks to his new album, Children of the Slump. 

Children of the Slump is the result of years of thought and struggle, though the band is quick to say that they’ve suffered more financial difficulty than artistic torment. Frontman Yann Le Ravazet wanted to create a record that didn’t fit neatly into one box, blending saturated, nostalgic pop with synth and ambient shoegaze. Two years of writing takes MARBLE ARCH – and listeners – on a journey from laughter to tears and back again, heady with melancholy but containing a carefully calculated energy that lifts the records from the depths of a gray day.

One of the coolest finds of 2019 so far, Children of the Slump is a delightful experience from top to bottom. Le Ravazetsings with an effortlessness that’s almost uncanny, as if the words were flowing out as simply as a breath. Our favorite track? The sparkling, reverb-heavy opener, “Remeniscence.”

Stream Children of the Slump here:

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