Sounds: OS NU // Ego Ergo End

Berlin-based, British/Danish electro post-punk trio OS NU are out with their latest single “Ego Ergo End.” Their self-defined “drum & gaze” sound draws from drum & bass inspiration, infused with a dreamy post-punk pop sound. With this style, OS NU have created an abstract journey into themes of matter and consciousness. Further more, they edge beyond these themes to a point where words would probably not suffice where trying to capture the ideas these guys are forming, ergo why their music should no doubt speak for itself.

To begin with, OS NU builds up their sound from a slow drum & bass line. Adding to this, dreamy synth and sparks of electronica haze in and out of the music, providing an affinity of deeper conceptions of complex consciousness. This culminates into a hazy drop that enters the track halfway through. Ending this track is a smooth, almost seamless conclusion which ambiguously fades into its own motif.

It starts like this and ends like that

Give it a listen down below:

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