Sounds: Snow Ghosts // Rip

Bath-based Snow Ghosts have released the track “Rip” as part of their upcoming album, A Quiet Ritual. Their sounds sees elements drawing from British folklore and darkwave, which verges on heavy experimental noise.

“Rip” is a clear example of dark, gritty, and visceral emotion made incarnate. Snow Ghosts show no naivete exploring themes of grief. Its cathartic exposition which delves into the exploration of death is an entrancing and dark composition. From its outset, “Rip” screams out at the listener, seeing vocalist Hannah Cartwright’s haunting voice at times standing lonely among a shadowy ambiance. It is rife with elements common to heavy experimental noise music, yet sees a clear portrayal of mortality as a raw concept. The blended sounds of noise grinding against these themes becomes a lustral sonic experience.

Check it out down below:

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