Sounds: Wasuremono // Are You OK?

Wasuremono’s latest single “Are You OK?” is out. Hailing from Bradford On Avon and having a Japanese name roughly translating to “something forgotten or left behind,” we’re definitely not going to want to forget these guys.

“Are You OK?” is an upbeat dream pop track rife with ear-tingling indie guitar plucks matched by hazy synth. William Southward’s vocals take a dreamy vibe, a sound aptly making you want to gaze at your shoes – in a good way. Additionally, a slight surf rock feel intermingles with this track, not only in sound, but also in its lyrics. Here, seasides become a calm refuge for a clearing mind, overall feeling reassuring, positive, and pretty peppy.

In the mood for a spritely pick-me-up? Look no further:

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