Sounds: Organised Scum // Fotograph

London-based Organised Scum are something of an anomaly. Check out their social media presence, and from what you can find, their physical online appearance feels like some LinkedIn bootleg you’d come across after clicking into too many tabs in an incognito mode sesh. Dare to click further and you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by a pretty engaging, original sound.

Organised Scum’s most recent release “Fotograph” starts off a slow-paced indie Britpop homage. It has a catchy bassline underlying the whole track, adding a deep groove providing some toe-tapping sensations. Tom Duggins’s vocals are confidant and enjoyable, and overall this track emits a tinge of art house. I find myself listening to this over and over, and each time I’m finding something new. So should you.

Stream “Fotograph” down below:

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