Words x Sounds: On The Road with Ecstatic Union

It’s been two weeks since SXSW, but we’re still not over it, so we got our favs Ecstatic Union to jump in for On The Road! They’ll be taking over for the next two weeks, and they’re sharing all the details here: 

Though basically half of Ecstatic Union has been based in Los Angeles the past few years, we started this run on the east coast and headed west. It made sense for a few reasons. The other half of EU is in Brooklyn, we are recording our new album in Dumbo (Brooklyn), and are also in the process of putting together a recording studio of our own in the city. We took the month of February to record, rehearse, and romp around the city before hitting the road in March. 

(Photo by Alan Krespan @deceptiveperspective)

We’re still on the road as we write this. We currently have a day off in Boulder, CO, which feels pretty amazing. Between our show in Dallas on 3/12 and now, we’ve played 17 sets in 15 days. So yeah, a day to chill is very much appreciated. 


This run has been truly stellar. We’re presently at the three-and-a-half week mark and have around another week and a half to go. We’ve been blessed to have been able to share a ton of bill with SO MANY homies on this tour, it’s wild. Including, but not limited to, The Ferdy Mayne and HRNY FLWR (you can read their On The Road column here), The Blank Tapes, Pearl Earl, Vamanos, Stuyedeyed, Cindy Cane, Gesserit, Sleeping Jesus, Dylan Earl, and sooo many others. On top of that, we’ve had so many friends open their homes to host us along the way. We are SO grateful for all of your hospitality and love!

Now the rest of this article will flow as an anecdotal narrative with photos and short comments on some fun moments, experiences, and friendships we made along the way in no particular order.

Now the rest of this article will flow as an anecdotal narrative with photos and short comments on some fun moments, experiences and friendships we made along the way, in no particular order.


Below is a photo of us at our dear friend Elizabeth’s house in Vermont who hosted us after our show in Winooski. It was 3 degrees and beautiful. The land was pure and the stars were glorious. Hadn’t seen Liz in 5 years so it was a celebrated reunion for sure.


Here’s Ollie planting a wizard’s chalice in Washington, DC before crossing into Virginia. What a sweet a responsible, Capricorn prince. It’s down the street from Whole Foods if anyone wants to harvest it and wield its power.

Someone hit our mirror in DC…
But we fixed it 👌
SX was a whirlwind. Super fun and exhausting. We played 7 sets while we were there.  Tom and Lyzi, who play bass and keys in EU, also played with both of their acts, Cindy Cane & Gesserit. They played somewhere around 23 sets total between all of their shows. Not to mention Tom ran SEVEN (Queen of the Scene) showcases! That guy is an animal… and angel. We made so many new friends and found new love for electric scooters. Thank you Austin, ya’ll are great.
sxsw flyers.jpeg
Tom and Lyzi, AKA Gesserit and Cindy Cane

After SXSW, we paid a visit to the legendary supersonic electrical engineering-wizard, Jack Rock. I can’t go into this too deeply here other than to say that Jack is a genius and one of the most hospitable, inspiring, and hilarious people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. After his many years of electrical engineering work for companies like NASA and IBM, he now makes “Emotion Machines,” which are his brand of Universal Audio 175 compressor replicas (but better and much more affordable). He also runs an epic studio out of his paradisiacal home in the hills of Austin. We had to drop off some equipment for repair, so he and his wife Susie let us hang around and bask in the magic for a while, feeding us cookies, walking us through the labyrinth of the laboratory, and sharing his recent work on a Fairchild replica which is seen below. 



We love Jack and Susie. Thanks for everything.


Getting some double decker piggy back action with the Stuyedeyed boys after our show with them and HEAVY PULP in Denton, TX. Love y’all.


Here’s an aerial view of Total Drag Records in Sioux Falls, SD. We had such a blast there. Dan and Liz are some of the sweetest humans we’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging with. Our show there was super fun and their record collection is unfathomably wonderful.


Feeling very luxurious at the Dearl Palace in Fayetteville, AR. There’s magic in the air there and we LOVE playing Backspace. Huge love to Hayden for the legendary GUMBO…




That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in! P.S. We’ll leave ya with a photo of our merch station as we still have some dates left on this run. COME AND GET SOME SWAG.


Ecstatic Union Tour Dates:

Sante Fe, NM – Ghost – 3/29

Bisbee, AZ – The Quarry – 3/30

Phoenix, AZ – The Lunchbox – 3/31

Oceanside, CA – Pour House – 4/4

Costa Mesa, CA – Purple House – 4/5

Los Angeles, CA – The Hi Hat – 4/7

Feature photo by John Klaus // @thejohnburgundy


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