Sounds: Divebar Youth // Sneakers

Divebar Youth’s “Sneakers” oscillates between clarity and obscuration, as if you are coming in and out of consciousness. An experimental lo-fi joy, the blurring/clarity dynamic of “Sneakers” is the heart of the song: sometimes all the tracks are distorted and others only one instrument is. There is such a rich, lush transition that the distortion almost serves as a wind up to ensure that the clear sounds punch with knockout force.

The interplay between the drums and guitar reminds me of two wolves wrestling for pack dominance. The guitar is not the gentle weeping of a Beatle; it is an absolute animalistic wail. The jangling background noises that permeate the track are the pimples on a model’s face, there to remind us that beauty and imperfection go hand in hand. Divebar Youth is a wild bedroom producer, up all night making love to their mix with Avant Garde ideas.

This love child of Adelaide is simply riveting.

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