Sounds: Ruthie // Spirit Now Moves

With warm gusting keyboard riffs, British singer-songwriter Ruthie sweeps into your heart on “Spirit Now Moves.” Her voice is a deep pool of honey, sweet and clear, and she sounds worldly beyond her 23 years. Drawing on a 70s aesthetic and mixing modern vulnerable sensibilities, “Spirit Now Moves” has the makings of a classic. From the opening line, “The weakness inside of me I’ve had since I was young / It will make me strong,” the song is a tale of hardships shaping a person into a better version of themselves.  The song builds quietly and slowly but runs a race of peaks and valleys, hitting glorious highs and plummeting into lows. On the climax of the song Ruthie declares,

“I’ve been ripping out roots

Spirit now moves in me”

Inspired by the concept of clearing land of its roots before reseeding it, Ruthie understands that although she will not be the person she was before that the new version of herself will be stronger and better. The Leeds based musician is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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