Sounds: Simen Mitlid // Chaotic Good

Os, Norway’s singer-songwriter extraordinaire Simen Mitlid is so undeniably warm and welcoming that it’s impossible not to like him…especially after the release of “Chaotic Good,” an almost unfairly catchy indie track about apathy, love, and Dungeons & Dragons.

“How can we win? 

Saving smiles, saving skin

While we’re all waiting for something else.”

Written and recorded in his hometown, the track – and the upcoming album it accompanies – is light and nostalgic, like the heat of the sun on the first warm day of spring or an easy smile from the person you love most. “Chaotic Good” has found its way to our spring playlists, and we’d be willing to bet it’ll be on yours, too.

Stream “Chaotic Good” here:

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