Sounds: Tyler Ramsey // A Dream of Home

There’s something about spring that changes me. Sure, it makes me want to open up all the windows, air out the house, scrub the baseboards, and give away clothes, but beneath the flurry of activity, there’s a grounding within me, like my feet are planted a little more firmly on the earth. I want to slow my pace, turn off my phone, watch the sun rise and set, and take a long, deep breath.

Asheville, North Carolina’s Tyler Ramsey‘s “A Dream of Home” wraps all of those thoughts and feelings up in one song. The former Band of Horse’s guitarist and co-songwriter’s latest track is warm and root-bound, a solid oak tree in a tempest of quick and dirty tracks that come and go like a cloud in the sky. It’s textured, a little worn, soft to the touch and easy on the ears. I’ve got it on repeat, and not just to write this review; it’s exactly what my soul has needed.

(I also immediately pre-ordered the upcoming album, For The Morning.) 

Settle down, take a deep breath, and stream “A Dream of Home” here:

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