Sounds x Premiere: LaCoy // Tambourine Queen

We view the past through rose-colored glasses. LaCoy’s “Tambourine Queen” captures that vision in perfect pastels.

The debut single from the new electronic project made up of Bridget Kludt and Jeremy Winter, Brooklyn recording artist and one half of Party Dark, premieres today on Left Bank. It listens like a soundtrack for a ‘90s high school movie dream sequence, with shimmering synths, crisp programmed drums, and light tambourine.

Kludt’s demure lyrics invite the listener to “take a chance with me” and join a game of spin-the-bottle. The phrase “Tambourine Queen” comes from an early studio session, when Kludt was excited about using tambourine on a track and wore it as crown.

“It was kind of a joke and then we decided, ‘Let’s do it. It’s really on the nose,’” Kludt said.

fobo-20190309210602-2 (1).jpeg

That blunt nostalgia of the song and its B-side, “Dream Woman,” feels cinematic, which makes sense as LaCoy found the first touchstones of its aesthetic in movies.

“We both have a strong affinity and deep appreciation for the artistic master known as Nicolas Cage,” Winter said laughing. “That’s definitely something we bonded over. Like bad 80s movies, like Xanadu. We watched Grease 2 around that time and Encino Man. Brendan Frasier as a frozen caveman. So bad, but Pauly Shore is extremely 2019 — his aesthetic, he’s kind of gender fluid. We also like good movies, but…”

“I’m trying to think of some,” Kludt picked up the thread. “All that 80s sci-fi, the weird indie ones, alternate realities. That’s in there. I love those.”

With its hopeful tearjerker melodies and surreal instrumentation, the track aims for similarly endless replay value. It spins and lands right on its target.

Listen to “Tambourine Queen” and “Dream Woman” below:

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