Sounds: Anothr // Midnight

“We are a duo, and this is our first song. This is what a song would sound like if Royal Blood, The Weeknd and Post Malone adopted a baby from the Philippines.”

Bacolod’s experimental rock duo Anothr hits hard and dirty with their newest track, “Midnight.” It comes in with gritty guitar and slow, eerie snare hits, a predator lurking in the shadows with teeth bared, a threatening promise. Vocals echo over the anxiety-inducing high-hat, drawing listeners into a dark and dangerous world.

There are some songs I go to when I need a bit of comfort: “Here Comes the Sun,” “Jessica,” something light and warm. “Midnight” is the exact opposite of that; instead, it’s like a strong shot that races through your veins, ice cold, leaving you a little breathless in its wake.

Stream “Midnight” here:

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