Sounds: Human Girlfriend // Opposite People

New York City’s Human Girlfriend, the indie rock project created by George Matsuo and Thomas Paparella, has just released their newest track, “Opposite People.” In a word? I’m obsessed.

“And if you don’t know what I’m thinking

And I don’t know what you’re drinking

It goes to show

We’re sitting in silence in our places

I watch a teardrop running down your face

We’re opposite people, don’t you blame yourself”

I love the jangling guitar, the grooving drums, and the vocals, performed effortlessly. The quartet – made up of Matsuo, Paparella, and drummer Jared Shaw, and bassist Thomas Miritello – might have spent 6 months writing, recording, and performing as they prepared to release their album, but it feels so natural, like they stepped inside a recording booth on a warm afternoon and started jamming. The result is an easygoing indie rock track that blends psychedelic, punk, and indie pop with witty lyricism.

“I tried to feel something that’s different than you.” 

In search of the perfect track for your spring playlist? Look no further. Stream “Opposite People” here:

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