Sounds x Mixtape: Mighty but Marginalized

Words by Kristyn

I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG TIME. As a woman in the music industry (coming from 6+ years at Sony Corporation in music, running a music venue, and this magazine, etc) I’m always so annoyed at how few women work in the industry and/or are represented/have representation without being exploited or objectified.

We (Left Bank Magazine) had an International Women’s Day showcase in Brooklyn about a month ago, and we were surrounded by women, non-binary musicians, and men (thanks for coming out and supporting our ONE day of the year) … there, we saw the likes of Kid Hawk, AN_NA, Rosa, and loads of other really talented (and frankly, underrepresented) musicians.

I realized that while Left Bank isn’t a huge magazine (yet), we still have a responsibility to represent voices that are marginalised or haven’t quite hit the mainstream. From that, I’ve decided to hire writers (male, female, non-binary) in non-Western countries to ensure we are covering the music and art scene in all corners of the globe. I’ve also decided to make a content section and weekly series that spotlights women and non-binary artists on a regular basis. Because we are a music/art/skate magazine, the section will feature women and non-binary artists and skaters.

Our weekly series will include features on all of these incredible artists and skaters, interviews, and even regular profiles (in partnership with

To kick everything off, I’ve made / am making a kickass playlist. Email me or IG me suggestions for the playlist, an official name for the section cuz it’s still nameless, and also names of women and non-binary artists and skaters to feature: or @kristynnotharry. This means the world to me so here we are.

(also I apologize for the GRL PWR image to all my non-binary/genderqueer frands of the Left Bank — can we please get some better but also fun stock imagery that expresses identities in a less exploitative or stereotypical way? Getty Images, I’m looking at you)

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