Sounds: Fever Beam // Young Guns

I’ve never heard a band describe themselves as “Cowpunk,” so you can only imagine how interested I was to hear St. Petersburg, Florida-based Fever Beam‘s latest single, “Young Guns.”

I figure that “Cowpunk” can go one of two ways (really, really good or really, really bad), and – lucky for me – Fever Beam falls in the former category. “Young Guns” starts with a pounding rhythm section and never stops; the guitars kick in, jangly and driving, before lead singer Kasey’s vibrato-soaked powerhouse vocals take over.

The trio – made up of Kasey’s unparalleled guitar and vocal ability and the dynamic duo Dane and Sam’s infectious rhythmic and vocal harmonies – formed in the Florida summer heat, and, if “Young Guns” is any indication, they’ve been on fire ever since.

“”Young Guns” – a hellfire built on the barebones of lonesome nights and honey biscuits. And a sick VHS collection.”

Known for their charismatic, energetic live shows, the group fuses the loose sounds of Spaghetti Western with the no-holds-barred mania of punk. Stream “Young Guns” here to kick off the weekend with a distinctly unique – but impossible to miss – experience:


Fever Beam Tour Dates:

4.06 // The Hub // Tampa FL

4.10 // Kill Your Idol // Miami FL

4.11 // Will’s Pub // Orlando FL

4.12 // FLicker Theatre // Athens GA

4.13 // El Rocko // Savannah GA

4.14 // Fleetwoods // Asheville NC

4.16 // Shanty Town // Jacksonville FL

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