Sounds: Language Arts // Against The Wind

I grew up in a folk household, so it took me quite some time to accept Language Arts‘ electronic music into my life. But, when it’s happened, it really happened. I made deep dives into late 2000s electronic and tried to consume any genre I could. Eventually, I came across Purity Ring, and they’re exactly who came to mind when I first heard Language Arts.

“Against The Wind” is led by breathy female vocals. The light treble melody is pushed through by heavy bass lines that either lead to dancing all night or getting so high you never leave your house.

Get high, get up and dance, cook your dinner, or just lie in bed, Language Arts has you covered with delicious lyrics, driving bass, and floating melodies. “Against The Wind” is just one of those songs. All you need to do is press play.

Hear it below:


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