Sounds: The Florets // Shapeshift

The Florets will clear the gray skies of Melbourne this autumn with the bright sunshine of their merry music. Their new song, “Shapeshift,” is the break of dawn, a brief and luminous blast of positivity in times that are often dark and chaotic. Although the lyrical content of the song deals with placing the needs of others above your own needs, the psychedelic rock-inspired licks ignite optimism and the promise of possibility.

There is a conversational quality to the drums and the bass that capture a listener’s attention fully. Singer Nick Dawes has a voice that’s richer than an oil sheik and sings his way through a playful obstacle course throughout the song. “Shapeshift” is fully rooted in classic rock guitar and the climactic solo at the end is the kind of thing you want playing at a drag race. Everything about the song is short and to the point, it never drags on unnecessarily and has such a jangling happy quality to it.

For a quick shot of contentment, click below.

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