Sounds: Delagoon // Time

There is no doubt Sweden has been a prolific exporter of some pretty amazing music. Bring that into coalition with a younger generation and you get the underground sensation that is Delagoon. Emerging from the Swedish indie scene and taking inspiration from the post-punk scene of Copenhagen, the Stockholm-based band have created an irreverent grunge sound that nods to both punk attitudes and dream pop vibrations. This is no more apparent than in their latest single, “Time.”

From the track’s outset, we are given a DIY precursor with distorted guitars shredding a tantalizing riff. There are elements of 60s inspiration at play here, no doubt in part from gritty vocals making a distorted wave across a heavy-hitting tune. There is something remarkably retro yet progressive coming from these guys and we can’t get enough of it.

Steam it down below:

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