Sounds: Blood Cultures // Flowers for All Occasions

Fresh off a slew of big shows at SXSW, the completely anonymous, balaclava-clad dreamy psych-pop band Blood Cultures has re-emerged to share their first new single of the year. Called “Flowers For All Occasions,” a dreamy bedroom pop track to make you question your existence surefire.

The sounds are dark and dancing, electro-weird, mixing elements of nostalgia for a time not experienced (see: anemoia) with the disco that didn’t die back in the 80s. The end result is an earworm that, much like the title, is a favorite for almost all occasions.

Very little is known about Blood Cultures, however, other than they seem to be a true artist(s), committed to staying 100 percent anonymous as their notoriety continues to blossom. Here is what is known about Blood Cultures:

“In the early 1990’s, several of New Jersey’s local television stations experienced one of the largest broadcast signal hijackings in history, replacing the networks’ regular scheduled programming with audio and imagery from an unknown source. Though the rogue broadcast reached many, it was almost collectively forgotten as no recordings or reports of the incident have surfaced, until recently. An individual (or group of individuals) known as ‘Blood Cultures’ has chosen to recreate the audio and imagery that they once heard, saw and felt. Blood Cultures has no name or face, but are simply the vessel for resurrection of this once forgotten broadcast.”

Give Blood Cultures a listen below, or check out the rest of their catalog here

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