Sounds: Omotrack // Overlay

Omotrack, also known as the brothers Markús and Birkir Bjarnason, are a fresh, young talent hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland. When these brothers added a brass section to their sound, they joined the electronic indie-pop/dance subgenre that gets people moving in clubs around the world with support from live musicians. This is the future of music.

“Overlay” hits the ears like reverb in a dance hall: soft yet vibing, invoking a movement of the head into a grooving fashion that echoes the call-and-response of the vocals and the synths. The song speaks on anxiety and how to overcome it, how to focus on the positive things in the environment instead of drowning in stress. Like the lyrics say, “Let happiness overflow.”

“Lay, lay, nice and slow

Let happiness overflow.”

From being raised in Ethiopia in a small village called Omo Rate – where the band name comes from – to releasing their first album, Mono & Bright, in 2016, Omotrack’s second album Wild Contrast will come along like an old friend visiting, released later this month.

Give Omotrack’s song, “Overlay,” a listen below:

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