Sounds: Feed the Monkeys // Backwards

Bedroom-rock band Feed the Monkeys recently released a lo-fi sleeper of a single single last week titled “Backwards” that takes you in and out of focus, much like their music video filmed on location in their home base of Chicago.

“Backwards” is a song that has a Mac Demarco feel with dark waves of shoegazing Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, reminding the listener to stop and take a moment to admire the ceiling, or study cloud formations as they drift away.

Feed the Monkeys is a group of youthful dudes that are self-described as “yelling and aggressively strumming,” “shredding the gnar gnar,” “spanking the low end,” and “keeping rhythm in check.”

Watch the video for “Backwards” below and draw your own conclusions:

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