Sounds: Heavy Heart // Dowsabel

The word “Dowsabel” has a sweet ring to it – an Old English word for sweetheart, now obsolete, has found a glimmering ignition in the title of Heavy Heart’s latest single. The alt-rock London-based band have had a prolific few years involving consistent single releases for each month of a year, resulting in an impressive collage of tracks in the form of Keepsake. Following this, Heavy Heart are showing no signs of slowing down, keeping a high standard of quality in their music-making meanderings.

“Dowsabel” takes the form of a melancholic shoegaze ballad; a stinging song of a love affair with a slow-burning sadness which weaves itself through the shadows of a solemn melody. Anna Vincent’s vocals are haunting here, as she sings piercing lines with a soft clarity.

“I was bored when we met, you were broken glass.

Always in love with love and I fit the part, didn’t I?”

You can stream the bittersweet ballad down below:

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