Sounds x All This Huxley: Comrade II

Words by Kristyn

Just finished doing budget projections over a glass (or two) of beer, and could really use some good tunes to bring me back down a bit. All This Huxley is exactly that — they have an incredible ability to put together an indie rock meets folk track, that is catchy but not too overwhelming.

The Philly-based band has been around since 2014, bopping around greater Philly and Jersey, but it’s their namesake that really has me going. Because, literally Aldous Huxley.

They follow their critically acclaimed full-length self-titled debut with ‘Home, Stockholm’ an EP that builds on their artful balance of brooding rock energy and a deeply reflective sense of social consciousness.

All This Huxley co-founder and guitarist Trevor Serine brings a blues and folk, Tom Petty and Tom Waits-inspired vibe to the band, where guitarist John Corcoran offers a jazz element.

Comrade II is my take on our 1984-inspired track ‘Comrade Winston Smith.’ We wrote it to be a complete standalone, but if you listen to both back to back, you can hear how we built upon the essence of our first album and how it still guides us as we continue to grow as songwriters and musicians.”

Give a listen to this killer track below and pray to the Heavens that Left Bank continues to make some cash xx. Kidding. Kind of.

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