Sounds x Seen: ANIIML // OUCH!

It’s been a huge week for music so far here at Left Bank (but then again, it always is!), but we were super stoked to find this gem in our inboxes.

Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based artist, activist, and provocateur ANIIML (aka Lila Rose) is best known for her goosebump-inducing, liberating witch-pop and fierce, gothic, R&B-infused cinematic arrangements. Blending the worlds of whimsical music with guttural art and performance, Rose creates a world within our own and sends an intoxicating message to the hearts of her listeners.

Inspired by a text Rose received from someone she was casually dating, “OUCH!” represents the growth Rose has made after realizing that her thoughts control her feelings, and – therefore – she could choose to empower herself through positivity. The result? A text that would’ve sent her down a rabbit hole of self-doubt was transformed into a powerful message.

“The Video tells the story of the “ruler of emotions,” who of course is a queen (played by Rose), who guards the tree of hearts where all feelings live and grow. The hearts get cut down and collected by a dark and nefarious character, the “collector of feelings. The hearts get planted into the earth and then watered by our queen’s golden tears. The final heart to get planted is “self-love,” which is the result of nurturing all of our feelings. Once that final heart gets planted the result is emotional freedom.”

Check out the video for “OUCH!” here:

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