Sounds: Pale Moon // Exile

“I just want to make music and nothing else,”  -Pale Moon’s Árni, who recorded each instrument for the release.

Psychedelic indie band Pale Moon knocked us out with “Exile,” the first single off their upcoming EP, Dust Days, dropping April 15th.

If you enjoy Tall Heights, Beirut, or Tame Impala, you will dig the eclectic mix of pop with modern psych-rock that Pale Moon has created on “Exile.” The single features a dichotomous relationship of bright and gushing melodies alongside chilling lyrics like “time will confiscate what we all believe in.”

The Icelandic/Russian duo — multi-instrumentalist/singer Árni Guðjónsson and singer/songwriter Natalia Sushchenko — formed Pale Moon in 2017 after meeting in Barcelona, Spain. The group wrote their first demos in Mexico – including “Exile” – and recorded Dust Days in Iceland.

The nomadic rockers set up a recording studio in an old Icelandic farmhouse where Árni’s parents used to breed sheep and prize-winning stallions. There, they recorded Dust Days. Inspired by the Rolling Stone’s album Exile on Mainstreet, the first single features a warmer, softer sound than their usual haunting-psych style.

“I was very inspired by that amazing record as with the whole idea of seeking exile to get away from life for a while to work on your craft. The song opened up a new chapter of our lives and made us take our songwriting collaboration more seriously.” – Árni Guðjónsson.

Arnar Guðjónsson, who is notable for work with bands like Leaves, Kaleoand and Warmland, took on the project of mixing the EP.

While each song takes on a different style and theme, the warm harmonies and phat riffs of Pale Moon bind together a familiar and fresh sound in their EP “Dust Days.” Don’t sleep on it!

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