Sounds x Premiere: Hara Kiri // Molt EP

Does a song ever move you beyond where you expect to be? You’re taken off your guard and forced into a pleasantly uncomfortable place. The songs are fresh, new, and leave you feeling a little raw, like the road rash from a fall. Even the most basic chords make your stomach flip. It’s like the artist is talking to only you, and not their 1,000s of other fans.

Hara Kiri‘s debut EP, Molt, is an intimate sensory masterpiece. It simultaneously makes me feel like a kid listening to a pop album for the first time, and a master critic evaluating every note of every damn song. In both cases, I’m happily surprised by the texture of the EP. Everything is musically rich and lyrically fulfilling. The floating melody and heavy base of the third track, “Fiction,” are reminiscent of Sylvan Esso. They pull me to a greater musical conclusion.

Her “Fiction” music video speaks much of the same; the music itself weaves between dark and light points. The highs and lows of the track match the emotion of the images. It creates a deliciously round experience. Every lyric, note, and image is in its proper, best place.

Though it’s only four tracks, the resulting EP and music video are full and all-enveloping. They leave me hungry for a full release.

Hear it below:


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