Sounds: Lyhre // Floral

We’ve been enjoying Lyhre’s latest single “Floral” A LOT at the moment. The Berlin-based electronic duo have been showing an impressive flare for alternative electronic, blurring the lines between genre to pioneer an array of different sounds and atmospheres.

“Floral” sets off as a simple, almost minimalist track, bringing in piano keys accompanying Anitha’s soothingly husky vocals. Adding to this are dark and gloriously deep synths evoking dark wave sensations oozing desirability for more. Halfway through, we become taken aback to sonic simplicity, to then re-enter a complex maze of quiet mayhem, with an identity akin to subtle gothic electronica and experimental house.

This track manages to combine the repetitiveness of house music with complex, constant difference, making for a tantalizing listen.

Stream “Floral” here:

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