Sounds: Quiet Kids // Tidal Wave

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point, I forgot how to enjoy life. It’s not like my life was bad, or even that I hated living. In fact, I enjoyed a lot of things: music, coffee, beer, good food, and fair weather all filled my life with joy. But there was something about the moment-to-moment that I missed somewhere along the line. I’m healthy, well-bodied, have a nice home, good pets and good friends. There’s too much that I had and was appreciative of. But recently, something woke back up.

Quiet Kids‘ latest track, “Tidal Wave,” is the wake-up call I’ve been waiting for. The track itself is an eye-opening experience. Clean vocals blend with heavy synth an emotional and relaxing cacophony of sound. The music is full, a concept which is getting harder and harder for me to find. While I hear a lot of great music, it isn’t often that I find a song that couldn’t be improved upon in any way. Quit Kids did it.

So I’m approaching a new day, grateful I’m alive and enjoying things. Relishing my sadness and joy, pleasures and discomforts. All of it is a part of being a human being. I might as well enjoy the ride.

Hear it below:


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