Sounds: Tallsaint // Hard Love

Leeds-based artist Tallsaint is back and better than ever with “Hard Love,” her latest genre-bending release. The warehouse-pop track is surreal and hazy, a rosy-tinted, swirling three-and-a-half minutes that encapsulate the “feeling of being left hanging on the outskirts of someone’s life but still relentlessly yearning for inclusion in different ways.”

Synths combine with a relentless drum track and hungry, wailing vocals as Tallsaint leads listeners into a cyclical world of neon pink. The song itself, she says, is about frustration and anxiety, but the character she created doesn’t get hung up on it. “I imagined the first-person character in the story being surrounded by neon pink just constantly saying to herself “ah well, tough shit.’”

I mean, seriously, can you say #WCW fast enough??

Stream “Hard Love” here, and fall for it just like we did:

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