Seen: 10 Minutes // Thierry Sausse

“10 MINUTES was born of a desire, shared with screenwriter Colin Vettier, to write a crime story that focused on people who had been left behind, for whom life had not been easy.

However, because of budget constraints, it was necessary for us to make a short film. So, we turned to a fragment of a story, one which could fit into a longer narrative, but which would also be self-sufficient.

“For example, the ten minutes just prior to a robbery …” Colin said.

We were shooting a few months later. The film was made completely independently, and I was accompanied by a crew of professional volunteers.

10 MINUTES has subsequently traveled to thirty festivals around the world (US, Canada, India, Iraq, Italy, UK, etc.) and has been broadcast on French television. Left Bank is the film’s first internet broadcaster in the United States.”

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