Sounds: At Mission Dolores // Contraband

Kamloops, BC’s psychedelic pop group At Mission Dolores has honestly been one of my favorite finds since joining Left Bank. The group shuns the indie rock tropes to craft a mellow yet driving soundscape, displayed effortlessly in their latest track, “Contraband.”

Featuring hushed, almost distracted vocals set to woozy instrumentation, “Contraband” tells a story of losing touch with reality in a drug-induced haze. “It is not meant to be an anti-drug anthem, nor a glorification of drug use,” the band says of the song. “Rather, it’s a commentary on how commonplace it is for people to numb themselves to their everyday life, which creates two parallel narratives.”

“Kaleidoscope, spinning all around

Lately, I’ve been slipping.”

The bass line is steady as a heartbeat as quivering, fuzzy guitar tones slip in and out of focus, leaving listeners slightly off balance. It’s a friendly imbalance, though, warm and spinning, and I love it now, no matter how I’ll feel about it in the morning.

But I’ve got a feeling I’ll still love it. Stream “Contraband” here and decide for yourself:

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