Sounds: Jaguar Dreams // Dream Sessions Vol. 1

We’re a family here at Left Bank, so when we hear about our favs releasing new music, we can’t wait to share! That was definitely the case for Jaguar Dreams (the band who found their name during a trip to the Amazon, where they heard of ancient tales of men who would trade consciousness with jaguars while in the jungle to have their soul overtaken by the animal) and their latest release, Dream Session Vol. 1. 

“On stage, the electric arsenal at your back makes you feel invincible. In the studio, machines fashion the armor that protects your most fragile creations, intricately woven layers of reverb and delays.

But there’s power to be found in vulnerability. There’s power to be found in standing out there alone, with nothing but your voice and a few simple chords.

In these stripped down sessions, turning down the volume amplifies the meaning by purifying and centering the perspective.  A self-portrait, but also a mirror—it’s about us, and it’s about you. More than anything, it’s about how it makes you feel.”

It’s everything we’ve always love about their music, but stripped back, intimate, and up close. Stream Dream Session Vol. 1 here:

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