Sounds x Premiere: Glenn Echo // Overwhelm

Brooklyn-based project Glenn Echo inspires colorful soundscapes that capture the fear of the unknown with their upcoming release, “Overwhelm,” the first track off their upcoming EP set to be released later this year. With the raw emotion of an indie country vibe, “Overwhelm” sets sail on the seas of love, breathing life like a soft wind that elucidates a dreamy atmosphere composed of guitar, cello, and a poignant rhythm section.

“Overwhelm me with patience

Staying late til we’re wasted

Stubborn with bottles

Talk whatever we want to

Til the morning.”

Glenn Echo has soaked up influences from past residencies in creative bastions such as Nashville, Tennessee and Northampton, Massachusetts, turning tides together into textures of folk, singer-songwriter, alternative and experimental music, and blues to cultivate a unique sound that transmits just as powerfully live if not more so on the record.

Critically acclaimed for their “chaotic blossom of sound,” Glenn Echo steers the spectrum of movement with their introspective instrumentation of strings married with an indie folk band.

The group – fronted by vocalist and guitarist Matt Gaydar, with pianist and bassist Peter Brownlee, drummer Sam Walker, vocalists Iris Dutour and Ziona Riley, and Austin Hoke on cello – certainly captivates the listener without overwhelming, forcing a moment of reflection and self-awareness that comes as a gift.

Stream “Overwhelm” here:

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