Words x Sounds: On The Road with Fever Beam

A few weeks ago, we covered St. Petersburg, FL’s “Cow-Punk” trio, Fever Beam, and their latest release, “Young Guns.” It’s an infectious, energetic romp that I’m still obsessed with, so you can only imagine how excited I was to have them take over On The Road! Read on for an exclusive inside look:

Dane and Sam waiting on the corner in Ashville. I didn’t even ask them for a pose, this is just what they look like when waiting to cross the street.
No downtime goes unused, we are always trying to find ways to expand our minds and get creative.
Every time we walked by one of these purple trees I could picture Dane and Sam as cherub angels underneath of them. Can’t you see it?
Getting wild n’ out at this funky old church in Asheville. It’s on the top of a big hill that Dane almost fell off of trying to take this pic.


Sam Loder, aka “Shithead.” She can parallel park our 12 passenger van, she tears her fingers open on her drum sticks, and she is relentless to find the power vortexes that are scattered around Ashville.
Rhythm section striking a hot pose outside of this old school locksmith in Savannah, GA. Just before we went inside and had the key to your heart made.
Shredding ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it. No matter where we go, Kasey always finds a moment or two for hopping out of the van and onto a board.



Stream Fever Beam’s “Young Guns” here:

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