Sounds: Poppy Scarlett // Headache

You know you’re running a great music mag when your writers are such talented musicians (and artists!) themselves.

A few months ago, our Brooklyn-based writer, Brit, conducted an Instagram interview for her band, New Myths (you can read that here). Last week, we dove deeper into the art of our marvelous art writer, Johnny Otto. Today, we’ve got the honor and pleasure of sharing the music of Poppy Scarlett, our brilliant source of all things UK music.

Her latest EP, Headache, is made up of only three tracks, but it creates a powerful story of frustration, anger, confusion, and, finally, acceptance. Written and composed entirely by Poppy, the EP is an intimate look at an artist finding her way – and herself – in the world. Her voice is delicate and warm, resulting in an EP that feels like a conversation between friends over a cuppa.

Stream Headache here, and for our friends across the pond, be sure to join her at her EP launch party on April 21st, at 7:30 PM at The Smokehouse Ipswich.

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