Sounds: DYLLAN // Walk Sideways

DYLLAN (aka Dylan Nichols) is a Los Angeles-born vocalist and producer. Her smooth vocals and clear sound developed from her early roots singing and playing acoustic guitar. Her technique steadily progressed through her collaborations with violinists and electronic music artists.

Her latest track, “Walk Sideways,” features a unique assortment of sonic qualities with slick synths and dream-like melodies. The reflective nature of Dyllan’s lyrics allows the listener to identify with the struggle of being heard.

“I tell it to the pillow

I tell it to your hair

I tell it to your back

When you aren’t there”

A pinnacle topic in Dyllan’s creative life is the fear of expressing her feelings in romantic relationships. Throughout her life, Dyllan has struggled with shyness, anxiety, and the ability to stand up for herself. The track reflects that lifelong fight, as well as the struggle to communicate “your own heart’s desire in a relationship.”

Being unable to openly communicate to her partner out of a fear of losing them, “Walk Sideways” is a message in a bottle longing to be read.

Dyllan wrote “Walk Sideways” in 2015 while residing in Brooklyn, New York. Four years later, it still gives her feels. Us too, Dyllan, us too.

The song has gone through several transformations production-wise over the last few years, but Dyllan feels it finally does justice to this story she’s willing to share with us. Listen to “Walk Sideways” here:


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