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Sometimes art, design and branding work really wonderfully together, and when they do you just call it “Work by Bianca Romero.” Bianca is a New York City mixed-media artist and event producer, who mixes bold colors and patterns with typography. Her work is heavily influenced by her Spanish and Korean heritage and all of her time spent in NYC and Connecticut. She’s recently done artistic work for some major brands including Courvoisier, Maker’s Mark, Food Network, Hornitos Tequila, Northcoast Music Festival (Chicago), Pabst Blue Ribbon, and many others. Heck, you might wanna hire her to do a giant mural for you. I mean, that’s what she does. Haven’t you been reading this from the beginning?


You do a great deal of work with national brands. Do they approach you, or do you solicit them?

A combination of both. I’ve been getting approached more and more lately. Some are brands I’ve worked with in the past and kept relationships with, and some are me reaching out.


How do you balance being creative with pleasing a client? Are you usually pretty free to do what you want? What’s the process like, working with big brands?

Every project is different. I’m fortunate that so far I’ve been approached because a client wants my style and aesthetic and wants me to do my thing. I’ve been working with brands for a long time so I’m very comfortable with the whole process: proposals, creative rounds, approvals, etc. It’s a tough line to balance on, but I pride myself on having that part down and taking their ideas and concepts into consideration while still keeping true to my style.

image10You were raised by two designers, which obviously had an impact on your work. When did you first start doing collage and painting? Art school?

I didn’t go to art school. I’m self-taught, and I studied my dads work forever, sat in his studio after school, studied his art books. He’s a prominent graphic designer so I had a good person to follow. I was always painting and collaging since I was young, just for fun and as my creative outlet. I never considered it to be anything real until a few years ago when some friends encouraged me to do a show.

Any other influences other than family? Other artists who you admire?

Oh, that list could go on forever. A few all-time favorites are Stuart Davis, Frank Stella, Basquiat, Rauschenberg… I definitely forgetting a ton, that’s just off the top of my head.

Current artists I admire…. Hueman, Fluke, Dain, Sen2, POSE, Prefab, Hush, Hopeare. I mean I could go on and on and on forever. 🤘🏽😍

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Artist or brand?

Any of the artists above! Brands? I’m open to any brand collaborations. I’d love to collaborate with clothing brands, accessories brands, more liquor brands, really anything. I’d love to do packaging designs, I’d love to do more event installations and indoor murals.

You’re Korean and Spanish, and a woman. So how do those two cultures work their way into your artwork?

Subtly, but it’s in there. The two cultures are extremely different in almost every way. I’m so intrigued by clashing and contrasting things lined up next to each other or just thriving together, as I guess I’m a product of that. Patterns, colors, print, bold colors, subtle details, etc. My mixed style is probably a subliminal tribute to that.

Any shows or other events coming up?

I just came back from two mural projects: one in Haiti, and one in Texas. I have a show in Atlanta in the spring, and an art auction at the end of the month, and a few other projects I’m doing indoor murals for (a few restaurants, bars, etc.).


Do you prefer working in a studio or working on a large wall outside?

I like both, however, at the end of the day, being in my own creative space, working on my own schedule is always the best.

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