Sounds: The Shakes // Heaven (Doesn’t Seem Too Far Away)

Orange County’s indie ambient pop collective The Shakes and their latest track, “Heaven (Doesn’t Seem Too Far Away),” are two of my favorite finds so far. Every morning, I sit down behind my computer with no idea what kind of music is waiting on the other side. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised.

Mellow and dreamy, “Heaven (Doesn’t Seem Too Far Away)” features lead singer and songwriter Sean Perry’s vulnerable lyrics over delicate acoustic and piano. The song never picks up in pace or volume; instead, it seems to sway back and forth, always moving, hypnotic, like waves lapping against the shoreline.

“Heaven doesn’t seem too far away

I went to hell and back to see the light of day

Don’t wanna sit in fear

I need to disappear.”

Need a little break? Stream “Heaven (Doesn’t Seem Too Far Away)” here:

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