Sounds: The Houses Where We Grew Up // Dying

There’s something in the water in Kamloops, BC. If I’m being honest, six months ago, I didn’t even know it existed. Now, thanks to two incredible bands, I’m ready to buy a ticket and fly out to catch a show and a drink.

The first band is Left Bank staple At Mission Dolores (we even reviewed their latest single here). The other? The House Where We Grew Up, the “second best band you’ve never heard of.” The duo, comprised of Sean Schneider on drums, keys, and vocals and Rob Wikstrom on vocals and guitar, got their start in 2015, and after almost four years, have released their debut album, Dying.

I don’t always get records that are this good from top to bottom – especially debuts – but Dying checks every box. High energy? Yup. Powerful vocals and driving instrumentation? Double yup. Lyricism? Check, check, check. Dying starts off with a bang with “Y.S.A.,” then takes listeners on a roller coaster ride through the bitter end. For me, it encapsulates living in – and leaving – a small town: nostalgic, welcoming, and familiar, with a tinge of loss, like the memory of car rides on back roads in the heat of summer with your old best friend.

Our favorite track? “15,” the eighth of fourteen tracks. It’s acoustic-driven and laidback, perfect for your spring playlist.

Stream “Dying” here and love it as much as we do:

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