Sounds: Fold // All Waken Finally to Being Human

A tapestry of interwoven sounds always have an enticing air to them. The weaving of an array of diverse tones and styles can produce some of the most complex and enriching pieces of music which intermingle into a symphony of ear pleasing bliss. Fold are a band that does exactly this. The Yorkshire-based project’s latest album is a mesmerizing collection of alternative hip-hop which screams experimentalism in all the right ways. As the end piece of this work, they have crafted an alluring track in the form of “All Waken Finally to Being Human”, which proliferates as a beautiful downtempo soundscape.

“All Waken Finally to Being Human” sings through the voice of a sampled Marge Piercy. Utilization of the poet’s voice generates for the listener deeply rooted ideas perpetuated from the archaeological starting point, and works to emphasize deep and beautiful societal commentaries that exist no matter the age. Surrounding this is an atmospheric glow of plucks, jazzy hooks, and an insatiable drum beat which harks to alternative hip-hop. This is an astounding piece that is part of an even more astounding album, and if you’re still reading this, it may mean you haven’t streamed this track yet, in which I must urge you to click down below:

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