Sounds: Vola Tila // New Behaviour

Recently formed Vola Tila are the alt-pop duo you need in your ears right away. The Stockholm-based band have infused 80s influence with a current pop sound, and thrive in their passionate music revelry for everyone else to appreciate. Their debut EP, including “New Behaviour,” is now out and shows huge promise for these guys’ future.

The flurry of sonic bliss found in “New Behaviour” is astounding here. Vola Tila thrive in their retro influence, and have crafted a song fitting for neon inner workings existing in a glittering city scape. A strong beat of deep, yet subtle drums and bass act as a foundation for clean synth, which wrap around the track as a sheet of clarity. A lasting impression are spacey vocals affecting a lasting feeling of synesthesia in the form of dim blue and pink vapour.

Give it a listen down below:

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