Sounds: maskenfreiheit // 5am

Maskenfreiheit are the impressive London-based duo producing a blend of chilled electronica and dream pop with a gloomy edge proliferating throughout their musical explorations. Taking a name to signify the freedom of wearing a mask, their ideas take form in an alluring style, fronting a concept that is both tantalizing and somewhat ambivalent. Their debut self-released single, “5am,” is now out, showcasing their variety of alternative influence and passion for their art.

“5am” has an air of gothic gloom surrounding its entirety, from a prominent bass that mesmerizes throughout to Megg Rorison’s ghostly vocals. A chaotic bridge takes form to encapsulate the collection of dreamy sounds that blend in an orgy of Dionysian ecstasy. As contrast then, it fizzles out to reawaken into a thin mist of sonic portrayal that is both unsettling and mesmerizing.

Lose yourself in five minutes of excellence down below:

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