Sounds: Anonymous Friends // Bury The Bones

Somerville, Massachusetts band Anonymous Friends throws us all a bone with this radical jam. “Bury The Bones” is the first single off Anonymous Friends’ debut EP Anonymous Friends Start a Band.

The post-punk indie group interlocks angular guitar chords with sugary chorus hooks as per their 3 guitarists shredding in imperfect unison. Anonymous Friends’ riffs seem to be at odds with one another, but everyone is winning. Their sound can be compared to the likes of Polvo, Mars Accelerator, and The Rapture.

The vocals are emotionally driven and epitomize that life is hard, man.

“Bury The Bones” starts off menacingly slow and ends right as things are really taking off. It leaves the listener satisfyingly unsatisfied. You can’t listen just once.

“C’mon brother

Give me your hands

I’m not asking for a new command.”

Give them your hand and listen to “Bury The Bones” here:

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