Sounds: At Mission Dolores // Jon Eeks Bets On The Horses

We’ve been talking about Kamloops, BC’s At Mission Dolores a lot lately, but there’s a lot to talk about! The psychedelic-pop group’s recent release, “Jon Eeks Bets On The Horses,” is a trippy, two-and-a-half minute bop telling the story of a full-time worker/day drinker blowing off a little steam.

“Tomorrow’s a new day I already regret.”

The track grooves with a mellow rhythm, inviting listeners to kick back and toss one down in the sunshine as they somehow transform the monotony of a 9-to-5 into a funky little track. Life might not be all that exciting, but hey, if that’s the worst part of it, you’re doing alright.

Stream “Jon Eeks Bets On The Horses” here:

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