Sounds: Organised Scum // Mandarin

Organised Scum are a three-piece originating from the smoky bustle of London. Having released their debut EP in the latter part of 2016, the band have soared onwards to receive several acknowledgments from industry icons such as NME and BBC 6. And it truly doesn’t stop there.

With a unique goal to get to the chorus within 30 seconds on each track, and relishing in their jazzy-pop vibe, Organised Scum are more than confident on where they want their sound to go. The unbelievable texture of each track leaves you feeling as though you should be roaming through the city lights, having the most unconventional of all nights.

Excitingly, Organised Scum has now released their newest track, “Mandarin,” and it’s beyond great. From the zip of the guitar at the start of the irresistibly syncopated intro to the stylistically indie vocals that hold richness and depth, “Mandarin” is catchy and undeniably fresh.

Listen here:

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