Sounds x Premiere: Mr. Ray // Interior

Hang in there, y’all. We’ve got one more day ’til the weekend, but no need to worry. We’re coming in hot with the premiere you need to finish strong: Mr. Ray‘s Interior. 

Chilean-Swiss psych-rock band, Mr. Ray, found its start on a hot summer day in Berlin in 2017. Founded by Pablo Thiermann and Jari Antti, the pair met for the first time in 2016 during a Chicos de Nazca tour, where Pablo was playing and working as a sound engineer with the neo-psychedelic outfit, while Jari had already recorded an album with them. The duo hit it off and quickly realized that they had a lot in common when it came to music. The stars aligned and the rest, as they say, is music history.

Their debut album, Interior, is a wild, noisy, deliriously psychedelic trip, blending the freshness of Neil Young’s folk ethos with the jangly experimentation of Laurel Canyon in the 60s and 70s and synth-driven alt-rock of Paisley Underground. It’s familiar enough to catch a casual listener’s attention, but it’s the intricate, textured tapestry of near-chaotic sounds that really draw you in.

Kicking off with “Distant Light,” Interior doesn’t have a low point, an almost impossible feat. Between the neo-psychedelic harmonies, crashing drums, and acidic guitars, Interior falls in with recent releases like Lucille Furs’ Another Land, but if the bands were the Beatles, Lucille Furs would be George Harrison, while Mr. Ray and the fanged delivery of Interior stakes its claim as the acerbic John Lennon.

It was almost impossible to pick a standout track, but I’m digging the sonic sunshine sneaking through my speakers, thanks to “Sweet Times.”

Stream Mr. Ray’s Interior here:

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