Sounds: The Wormholes // Cosmic Propaganda

Charlotte, NC’s The Wormholes have an uncanny ability to create art-rock music that’s both experimental and relatable. It’s a tough line to walk, but the duo – made up of Ben Verner on vocals, guitar, and synth and Chris Walters on drums, vocals, and synth – make it seem effortless.

Blending the spectacle of art and sound, the duo manages to keep everything in-house; Ben is the artist, crafting the duo’s imagery, while Chris works as producer. Together, they specialize at delving deep into the human consciousness and creating a mesmerizing soundscape in the meantime. They’re known for their live performances, using lasers, blacklights, and backdrops to transport crowds; with their debut album, Cosmic Propaganda, they achieve the same near-impossible results.

From top to bottom, Cosmic Propaganda is breathless and driving, evolving from a pop-rock to a synth-laden rock exploration. It’s the kind of record you listen to while traveling in your hover car through down the Asteroid Belt…or late at night, when the rest of the world seems a million miles away.

Stream Cosmic Propaganda here:

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