Sounds: Dorvin Borman // I Punch The Clock

Twenty-something-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer Dorvin Borman cynical take on nostalgia is a bit out of place for his sunny hometown of Los Angeles, California, but “I Punch The Clock” still hits the spot.

The dreamy psych-pop track blends echo-soaked vocals with effected drum machine sounds, creating a juxtaposition of rigidity and free-flowing melody. “”I Punch The Clock” is a dreamy yet cynical meditation on the ever-prominent obsession with nostalgia in the current culture in which the narrator ridicules and laments his own dependence on nostalgia,” Borman says of the song. Ironically enough, it makes me nostalgic for Los Angeles in the 90s, a place I never experienced but have always felt drawn. But hey, a little escapism is a good thing, right?

“I know nostalgia
Ss a cliché beat to death
But what else can I write about
There is no one in my bed.

I punch the clock ’till the timing is right
Then I’ll cross the ocean to get what is mine.”

Stream “I Punch The Clock” here, and find your happy place:

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