Sounds: BAYNK // Water

Channeling the depths of fluid inspiration from the golden shores and frigid ocean surrounding BAYNK’s native New Zealand, the artist and producer’s aptly named single, “Water,” is an icy, intense, refreshing midnight swim. The song is immersive: it floods your every pore, rinses the dirt from your hair down to your soul, and leaves you cold and shivering on a moonlit beach.

The bass-heavy synthlines are oars slicing through dark tides coupled with brighter majestic notes that serve as the lighthouse beam drawing you closer to shore. You will drown in “Water.” On the dancefloor, this track will drench the audience in their own sweat and every limb in the crowd will be lost in the struggle for survival.

BAYNK is quickly establishing a name for himself internationally, a difficult feat for a musician from a small, isolated island nation. He finished off two killer Coachella sets this past weekend and has Lollapolloza next up in his crosshairs.

Don’t dip your feet, my friends. Dive in now.